Founded in 1963, TUBITAK is the supreme organisation in charge of promoting, developing, organising and coordinating research and development in the fields of science and technology in line with the national targets of economic development. TUBITAK functions under the fold of the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology with adequate administrative and financial autonomy. TUBITAK is also the national coordinating body of the 7th FP in Turkey. TUBITAK’s main functions are to determine Turkey’s science and technology policies; to support, encourage and coordinate scientific research; to establish and operate special institutes to conduct research and development activities geared towards the priorities set by the Science Board; to provide scholarships and other support to researchers and organizing contests to discover and train future scientists; to support R&D activities and innovations in industry; to promote university-industry collaborations; to establish techno-parks to  facilitate their realization; to implement tasks undertaken through international scientific and technical cooperation agreements; to publish scientific journals, books and monthly science magazines that make science accessible to the public; to support scientists and researchers with awards. TUBITAK is the executing agency in deployment of international scientific and technological agreements.

Contact Person (s) : 
Ms. Filiz HAYIRLI FP7 International Cooperation Projects Team Leader FP7 INCO National Contact Point, Ms. Elif ÖZKARAGÖZ FP7 INCO National Contact Point, Mr. Fırat GEDİKLİ FP7 Legal and Financial Issues National Contact Point