Phase 4: Signing an EU grant

Who can help me with questions related to any Intellectual Property?

The European Commission offers a free-of-charge IPR service to inform and advise partners on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights - the IPR Helpdesk. ( You will also find related links on this website, e.g.

IP Management in Horizon 2020:
* at the proposal stage;
* at the grant preparation stage

The IPR Helpdesk website provides a comprehensive set of fact sheets on (i) IP in general, and the handling of IP during (ii) the proposal stage, (iii) the negotiation phase and (iv) the project execution and after the project.

Find further information here.

Does the European Commission accept electronic signatures? 

Yes. The only way to submit proposals and applications in H2020 is via electronic signatures and the electronic submission services of the Participant Portal.

What is the timeframe for accepting an EU grant? 

The maximum time to grant in H2020 is 8 months. After handing in the proposal, this includes 5 months for informing all applicants of the scientific evaluation of the proposals and another 3 months for the signature of the Grant Agreement.