Nanomagnet Dynamics

Project tends to develop techniques for measuring magnetization dynamics in magnetic nanostructures with a particular emphasis on the emerging needs of future electronics. The dynamics of nanomagnets underpin existing commercial products such as computer hard drives and magnetic random-access memory (MRAM) chips.  Nanomagnet dynamics are also at the heart of a wide array of devices currently under development or proposed for future electronics.
For these applications, it will be important to understand and control variations in material properties as a function of device geometry. At the CNST, we are developing dynamic measurement techniques to characterize the properties of magnetic nanostructures and their interactions with spin-polarized electrical currents. The results of this work will help to improve the uniformity and reliability of future electronics based on magnetic nanodevices. 

Name of US Partner: 
CNST, University of Alabama

Robert McMichael, Phone 301-975-5121, NIST, 100 Bureau Drive, MS 6202, Gaithersburg, MD 20899-6202

Participating Countries: 
United States

Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies


Bilateral programmes

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Sweden, USA