Modelling nanoparticle toxicity: principles, methods, novel approaches

ModNano-Tox will develop a number of well-documented and technically advanced models describing the behaviour of engineered nano-particles in organisms and the environment. Background to these models will be a thoroughly documented database, constructed based on: (1) an advanced evaluation of physicochemical properties of nano-particles and in silico modelling of their reactivity; and (2) assessment of the characterisation methodologies as well as toxicity protocols used to develop biological responses in toxicological studies. At the next level whole datasets will be evaluated for internal consistency and then compared with other relevant sets. The evaluation stage will be followed by development of toxicity models based at the individual organism level, using statistical and mechanistic models, in parallel with models predicting environmental fate. The toxicity and fate models will be integrated in mechanistic models to predict the long term risks of engineered nano-particles for populations under realistic environmental conditions. The risk assessment models will be developed in close collaboration with appropriate stakeholders and end users to ensure their suitability for practical use in relevant legislative contexts.

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Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies


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