Materials Enhancement for Technological Applications

META (Materials Enhancement for Tecnological Applications) aims to address the fundamental new challenges related to the development of new functionally structured materials and to gain a deep understanding of the structure and dynamics of nanostructured matter on multiple length and time scales. Basic science investigation will be driven by the accomplishment of technology development for nanodevices through experimental and theoretical interdisciplinary studies, aimed at endowing materials with specific local properties. Two types of devices will be investigated: DNA planar architectures exploitable as META goal is to establish a strong collaborative network between research centres in the EU (Italy, Slovakia) and in the USA. Such collaboration is addressed to tackle the variety of scientific and technological issues raised by enhancement and engineering of materials functional properties both at the nano and meso scale. Several bilateral visits, training workshops and meetings are planned with the framework of the project. Education will also be an important issue in this project, since exchange of graduate students and the opportunity of creating a joint PhD initiative is programmed. META will thus amplify the collaborative links between the EU and the USA giving European Scientists the opportunity of achieving rapid access to world top laboratories. The project meetings and conferences will attract scientists from other universities and industrial companies which would be highly beneficial for the present partner institutions and ERA in whole. 

Short name and number: 
META 269182

Administrative contact: Renato LAURO (Professor)  VIA ORAZIO RAIMONDO 18, ROMA, ITALIA, Tel:+39-0672592226, Fax:+39-067236605

Participating Countries: 
Slovak Republic
United States

Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies


FP7 Project with U.S. partner

Participating countries/ Programme Open for the following countries: 

USA, Italy, Slovakia