The International Team in NanosafeTy

The International Team in NanosafeTy (TITNT) is an initiative of international research scientists interested in different aspects of the risk of toxicity associated to nanoparticles exposure. TITNT is composed of researchers from 5 different countries (Canada, USA, Japan, France and Germany) working together on 6 different specific thematic, and organized as 8 different platforms. See TITNT structure.
The main objectives of TITNT are to initiate an international powerful interactive milieu for researchers to work in concert to:
Evaluate potential risks associated to dermal or inhalation exposure to nanoparticles
Determine the safety aspects of chemically functionalized nanomaterials and the life cycle risks of nanomaterials
Describe the kinetic and dynamic mode of action of nanoparticles with specific organs (e.g. the lungs) or biological fluid
Improve the understanding of interactions between nanoparticles and living organisms (mainly mammalians)
Identify specific biomarkers of exposure to nanoparticles

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University of Michigan

Associate Professor of Environmental Health Sciences, University of Michigan, School of Public Health, Office: (734) 647-0394, Fax: (734) 763-8095, E-mail:, Risk Science Center:, Laboratory web site:


Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies


Multilateral initiative

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Canada, Germany, France,  Japan,  USA