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inno TSD, located in Sophia Antipolis, France is part of inno group, an EU-based innovation and technology transfer consultancy firm located in Germany, France and Sweden, with a representation in the US. Inno group employs approx. 60 staff members, has 20+ years experience, and specializes in innovation and technology transfer, university-industry cooperation, innovation start ups and development, IPR support and in international cooperation in innovation and S&T (over 500 projects implemented since 20 years by inno-group). Drawing upon twenty years of experience, inno enjoys privileged access to more than twenty leading universities and research institutes in Europe (partly including guaranteed first access to invention disclosures).

Many of inno’s projects have particular focus on international R&D collaboration and support to innovative clusters, EU-wide networks of innovative companies and to companies themselves. For example, inno runs three business incubators in France and provides support to SME internationalization of world-wide French systems & ICT clusters in the Paris region, as well as to other clusters around Europe. Inno also runs the secretariat of the European Cluster Alliance. Inno regularly organizes policy workshops, public consultations, brokerage and networking events, and prepares relevant reports and recommendations.

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Ms Svetlana Klessova