The GoodNanoGuide is an Internet-based collaboration platform specially designed to enhance the ability of experts to exchange ideas on how best to handle nanomaterials in an occupational setting. It is meant to be a modern, interactive forum that fills the need for up-to-date information about current good practices for the handling of nanomaterials in an occupational setting, including the highlighting of new practices as they develop. That said, while the GoodNanoGuide respects the dialogue now being held worldwide regarding the effect nanotechnologies may have on human health, the environment, and society in general, the GoodNanoGuide is not meant to address or resolve such issues. Instead, it assumes that someone, somewhere in the world is likely to be working on nanomaterials as this debate continues, and thus endeavors to provide information to that person about current good practices to make sure appropriate safeguards are in place as that person works on nanomaterials in an occupational setting. Finally, the GoodNanoGuide is open for everyone to review. However, to ensure the dependability of the good practices reported, the GoodNanoGuide is a protected site in which contributions are limited to those individuals that have become GoodNanoGuide members.

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Bruce Stockmeier of Argonne National Lab
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United States

Nanosciences, nanotechnologies, materials and new production technologies


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Switzerland, USA